Envelope Giving

Today envelope giving makes up 92% of all donations made to Immaculate Conception Church. Our Envelope Giving System is designed to measure attendance, producing data used for balancing the weekly mass schedule with the desires/needs of our parishioners.  The system also enables us to meet our obligations as a 501c(3) Non-Profit entity to provide IRS based contribution statements to all who donate to the Immaculate Conception Church. Envelope giving is an essential part of our church's funding plan and gives us the means of connecting donations from both Parishioners and Visitors.

Envelope giving allows contributors to direct their donations to a specific cause (i.e., Offertory, Debt Reduction, Catholic Relief Services, Priests and Religious Retirement, Holy Land Preservation Efforts, and Other Special Planned and Unplanned Collections for Ministerial Work).  

Your donations drive many ministerial and general purpose obligations.  Much like the costs associated with running any business, church expenses can add up quickly.  Just think of the obligations you have in running a home (i.e., painting, roof repair, landscaping, heating and electric, etc.).  Now, imagine that you have over 1600 active families using your home, what would your costs look like?  Imagine your roof/ceilings were 4 stories off the ground, and you cannot use a ladder to do basic maintenance such as changing light bulbs, repairs/painting, etc.  – a crane is needed.  Then, imagine your lights, heating and A/C are running virtually all day, with those same 1600+ active families opening and closing doors.  Yes, these are things we take for granted that are all part of maintaining our Parish.

Stewardship is essential to all direct and indirect efforts in our Parish, and our envelope system is an essential means for enabling your support.  We ask that each parishioner use this system to help meet our parish's collective goals. If you are not receiving envelopes and would like to, please contact the Parish Secretary at the (908) 735-7319, and she will provide them. Please note that you must be a registered parishioner of Immaculate Conception Church to participate in our envelope giving program.

We thank you for your involvement and gifts of time, talent, and treasure.