Liturgical Ministries

Altar Servers

Service at the table of the Lord is an ancient ministry of the Church, dating back to the two disciples who prepared the Passover for Jesus and the Apostles.  Altar servers play a crucial role in maintaining the proper flow and order of the Mass and other liturgies.  Most importantly, as Pope Benedict XVI said in his 2006 address to 50,000 altar servers: 
“Dear Altar Servers, you are, in fact, already apostles of Jesus!  When you take part in the Liturgy by carrying out your altar service, you offer a witness to all.” 

This ministry of Immaculate Conception Parish offers children a very special opportunity to get closer to our Lord and God.  The ministry is open to boys and girls who have received their First Communion and are generally 8 years of age or older. They must have registered in the parish and desire to know and serve God more intimately in the Mass. Interested youth must commit to attendance and mastery of information and skills; possess the courage to stand in front of the parish, and be willing to give their very best at all times. Training sessions are held annually and those interested are encouraged to apply. If interested, please call Deacon Michael Meyer @ (908) 735-7319 or at

Eucharistic Ministers

The Eucharist thus appears as both the source and the summit of all evangelization, since its goal is the communion of mankind with Christ and in him with the Father and the Holy Spirit.
Pope John Paul II



Extraordinary Ministers are appointed by the Pastor with the approval of the Bishop.  The members of this sacred ministry assist with the distribution of the Body and Blood of our Savior during Mass, bring Eucharist to our sick/shut-in parishioners, go to our local nursing home and bring Eucharist to Catholics who are in Hunterdon Medical Center.

Training is provided once a year usually in the fall.

For information about this ministry contact Sharon Cicero (908) 399-0919.


Lectors are lay men and women of our parish who are appointed by the pastor to proclaim the Word of God, as written in the Scriptures, at Mass…not just on Sundays and Holy Days, but at every weekday Mass as well.  We believe that the Scriptures are the inspired Word of God, thus when the Old and New Testament passages are proclaimed within the Liturgy it is God Himself who is speaking to the faithful.

A lector should possess a love of the Scriptures, an understanding of the sacredness of the function to proclaim God’s truths, and the skills necessary to do so clearly and persuasively.  Of course, this takes prayer and preparation prior to an assignment.

Weekend lectors, on average, are assigned to a Saturday Vigil Mass or one of the Sunday Masses eight to ten times a year.  Weekday lectors are assigned every week at one of the two daily Masses. 

If you have any questions or wish to be considered, the contact for weekday lectors is Anne Standley at (908) 287-2350 or at and the weekend lector contact is Lisa Lee at  (443) 745-8043 or


The ministry is deeply rooted in scripture and tradition.  At one time ushers were known as doorkeepers.  Later on in the third century they were known as porters.  At that time the porters guarded the doors of the church against any intruders.  In 1972 Pope Paul abolished the order of porters.  Ushers/Greeters must be people-orientated.   The Ushers warm welcome and courtesy can set the whole tone of the Mass.  We are the “doors” giving open access to the warmth of holy fellowship in the Spirit of Jesus. We  greet you with a smiling face, assist you to find seating, collect the offerings during Mass and try to have an answer for those who need to find their way around the church.  Our ministry is to exemplify  and extend the hospitality of our church.

The ministry is looking for new volunteers at all times.  If interested, please call Mark Breese, (908) 236-2806 or email at

Children's Liturgy of the Word

Children's Liturgy of the Word is held every week, with the exception of the 1st Sunday of the Month, during the 9:00 AM and 10:30 AM Masses from October through May. Children are called forward after the opening prayers to go to the Parish Hall for the daily readings and a reflection or activity that is geared toward our younger parishioners. There is usually a handout full of activities for continued education at home.  They return to the Church proper right before Communion.

Children from ages 4-12 are welcome to join, and are expected to attend unaccompanied by their parents.  Adults from the program will look after the children.

Volunteers are needed for all positions, generally with a commitment of 4-5 Sundays for the year. Please contact Chris Piparo (908) 303-2724 or for more information. 

Music Ministry

At Immaculate Conception, we have a completely voluntary Music Ministry program that offers a variety of liturgical music. The various groups give glory to God through song in their own artistic ways.  Reading music is not a prerequisite.  If you love to sing or play an instrument, you will be a welcome addition to one of our friendly groups. We are always interested in gaining new members, so please do not hesitate to contact one of our Directors to bless our parish with your talents!

Music Coordinator:  Mary Lou Korkuch (908) 236-9103

Spirit Alive Choir 

The Spirit Alive Choir, which usually ministers to the 9:00 AM Mass, meets for practice Monday evenings in the church. There are no auditions and prior experience is not necessary. If you enjoy singing and would like a unique experience of community and prayer through music.

Choir Director: Mary Lou Korkuch (908) 236-9103

Mary Choir

The Mary Choir is a group who loves to give glory to God through song. Reading music is not a prerequisite. If you love to sing or play an instrument, you will be a welcome addition to this friendly group. We practice in the church on Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m.Too busy to come every week? We are happy to have you whenever you are available.

Choir Director: Diane Eisenhart (908) 730-8497


Do you like to sing? Are you a second grade student or older? Come and join our parish Youth Choir. Rehearsals are on Fridays from 4:30-5:15 pm, and sing once a month at the 9:00 am Mass. First rehearsal is on Friday, September16. If you have any questions, feel free to call Debbie.

Choir Director: Debbie Burns (908) 735-9532 or email:

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