This ministry's collective actions care for a mix of needs in the parish. They include a monthly parish food drive, visiting nursing homes, visiting local women prisoners, providing transportation to mass for the elderly or disabled, to name a few.  Also through the social concerns ministry, parishioners donate grocery certificates as part of an outreach to the local needy.

At Christmas, they sponsor a giving tree, which benefits Freedom House, children of prisoners at Edna Mahan, Life Choices and other homes that Pro Life works with.  They also work with the Interfaith group as the needs arises. 

During the Thanksgiving Holiday, they collect foods and assemble Holiday Gift Baskets containing donate complete meals to needy parish families in our parish as well as those in St. Peter and James in Phillipsburg.

This ministry also reaches beyond the confine of community boundaries to the victims of natural disasters.

For more information contact Peggy Smith at (908) 730-7101.

Prison Ministry

The congregation of Immaculate Conception Church includes the prison population of Edna Mahan Facility for Women, where all New Jersey females sentenced to serving more than one year are incarcerated.  A five fold parish ministry serves the women.  Weekly communion services are held for prisoners in both minimum and maximum security during the weekday. Two to three times a year, an 8 week Diocesan based Bereavement Program is offered to the women.  Although the groups are limited to only 12 women at a time, it is not unusual for over 40-50 women to request participation in the program. Bible Study and RCIA programs are offered to both populations periodically both at night and during the day.  Finally impoverished women ending their sentence have available emergency clothing, food and transportation to their homes.

For more information, contact Deacon Michael Meyer (908) 735-7319 or

Pro-life committee


Everyone loves the beauty and innocence of a baby. As an expression of that love, our parish announces an adoption program for young and old alike by having the opportunity to spiritually adopt a child who is newly conceived. Not all babies are allowed to be born in fact almost 4,000 babies lose their lives to abortion each day. It is these babies that you are being asked to spiritually adopt. You may spiritually adopt a baby individually or as a family by signing a pledge card (which can be found with prayer cards in the vestibule of the church). You will be asked to name the child for whom you will be praying, thereby giving the baby the humanity he or she deserves. You will be asked to pray a simple daily prayer for this baby.


You are in the home stretch with your spiritually adopted baby. He is completely formed and has been since about 8 weeks. All he is doing now is gaining weight and making his mom uncomfortable with his size. In a short time the baby will be born. His mother has plans to take him home or to place him for adoption into a loving family. She knows she can receive assistance from the church and the pregnancy help centers. Your baby's mother appreciates the prayers that you have said for her and her baby throughout her pregnancy. It has not been easy, but your prayers have given her the grace to seek the help she needs.

Food Pantry

Social Concerns Food Pantry Ministry announces that the third Sunday of each month, we will have our Food Pantry Collection. Please mark your calendars as a reminder. Please be generous with your donations of non-perishable food, personal items and paper goods. We are also in need of grocery certificates for emergency assistance. For information, please call Peggy Smith (908) 730-7101 or


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